about us

LOOM NIPPON was founded with the mission to support the people and areas that suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in Northeastern Japan.
Our roles are to create new job opportunities and to restore their historically beautiful landscapes. We are strongly committed to our social responsibility through our activities. LOOM NIPPON believes that to be their long time supporter is more vital than to help them temporarily.
The company name LOOM means “an apparatus for weaving yarn into a textile.” This reflects our vision of becoming the loom that connects people beyond generations and genders to hold hands together like a loom weaves different layers to create one beautiful textile of love. Also, LOOM stands for “Love Of Our Motherland.” This represents our passion to encourage the victims and revitalize the areas that were heavily damaged. We keep those people in our prayers. Our activities will be performed by various projects that will weave everyone’s heart and soul together.

LOOM NIPPON President Yukari Kagami

Current Main Activities

Most activities will be based on Minamisanriku town in Miyagi prefecture which had the most enormous devastation by the earthquake and tsunami. LOOM NIPPON Projects will collaborate with Minamisanriku town to develop their Employment Program and will contribute to improve and promote their local industries through KIBOU 311 activities.

(c) LOOM NIPPON. photo by Alfie Goodric, Creative Director/ Yoshi Takeuchi , Design & Production/ QUALLIA inc.
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