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Filling Hearts Full of Hope

activities02:GOCOCU PROJECTS

GOCOCU Projects create original sakes that keep hope alive in everyone’s daily lives. A hope that the damaged area will soon recover as the land of abundant crops that it used to be.
With the collaboration with Abe Kan Sake Distillery in Sendai, the new sake will be launched in the middle of 2012.
The brands are “GOGOKU(護国)” and “YOMOSAKURA(四方櫻).” “GOGOKU” represents the love for the home land. “YOMOSAKURA” is named after a poem that Meiji emperor wrote(100years ago) about cherry blossom trees. This name also includes our wishes to plant many cherry blossoms in Northeastern region.
「たかどのの 窓てふ窓を 開けさせて 四方の櫻の さかりをぞみる」(original poem)

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