Pictures of the 7th Cherry blossom tree-planting festival

We published pictures of the 7th Cherry blossom tree-planting festival held at Minamisanriku town on April,21,2018. you can see these on Instagram or facebook.


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Online film "SAKURA and KIBOU"

We created the movie about the activities of LOOM NIPPON so far and released it on YouTube. Thanks to Minamisanriku-town people and LOOM supporter who appeared on this film. We hope that "KIBOU" will light in the hearts of people in Minami Sanriku-cho and in the hearts of people who suffer throughout the world.



'Hand in Hand' to support Northeastern Japan together

LOOM Nippon became a global partner of Project 'Hand in Hand' to support Northeastern Japan together.

hand in hand


"LOOM BAG" Launching exhibition was held at a very reputed and fashionable select shop called SUN MOTOYAMA in GINZA,TOKYO.

LOOM BAG is named after "Love Of Our Motherland". The LOOM Bags are made for the purpose of creating jobs in Minami Sanriku-cho where Tsunami hit dramatically on March 11th, 2011 just after the Great East Japan earthquake. LOOM BAG is made by leather and crafted and woven by the ladies of Minami Sanriku-cho town. The collection is built on designs and colors with special meanings and emotion. The theme of LOOM BAG is "wish upon a star" On 11th March,after Tsunami, snow started to fall but when snow stopped there were bright stars in the sky. Many victims wished upon the stars with hope to meet their loved ones again. The stars were the only light when town was covered by complete darkness.
SUN MOTOYAMA will start taking orders before actual release of LOOM BAG in mid-September this year.We are looking forward to receiving your orders of LOOM BAG at Sun Motoyama Ginza where all samples are displayed. Delivery will be around end of August.

The subscription sales of LOOM BAG
Date:June 18 - June 26 2012
Time:11:00 am - 7:00 pm (6:00pm on Sunday)
Contact: SUN MOTOYAMA Ginza 03-3573-0003


The Cherry blossom trees have now grown and looked after carefully by the town.


Our first cheery blossom tree planting took place in Minamisanriku town during the commemorative ceremony. Although it was raining, many people participated and spent a wonderful time together. LOOM Nippon would like to send our special thanks to the people of Minamisanriku town, Major of Minamisanriku town Mr. Jin Sato, Dormeuil CFO Mr. Chris Robinson, Fashion Director Mr. Yukio Akamine, President of Onward Kashiyama Mr. Akinori Baba, and top model Ms. Ai Tominaga.

Check out the pictures on our Facebook photo album.


Announced the new KIBOU 311 tropical amadius at the party celebrating the 170th year anniversary of Dormeuil and 100th year anniversary of Dormeuil Japan.

2011/7/1-7/18 #sakuramovement

The top model Ai Tominafa held a "I.Tominaga" exhibition. This exhibition originally started from <#sakuramovement> movement that was ignited on Twitter by Ai Tominaga herself. Right after the disaster, Ai was willing to bring cheery blossoms to the people and places that were damaged by Tsunami as soon as possible. Pictures of cherry blossom trees were collected from all around Japan and big picture collages were made from them.
LOOM NIPPON supported this activity.

(c) LOOM NIPPON. photo by Alfie Goodric, Creative Director/ Yoshi Takeuchi , Design & Production/ QUALLIA inc.
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