We cancel LOOM bag special sales event and release that Dormeuil Aoyama boutique becomes LOOM bag retailer from 21th March 2020.

2020/03/18 Updated

We cancel LOOM bag special sales event scheduled to be held on 21th March due to the problem of Coronaviurses. A special performance by Violinists Mark Gothóni and cellist Yuko Miyagawa is also canceled at the same time.

Dormeuil Aoyama boutique becomes LOOM bag sales retailer from 21th March. Please visit Dormeuil Aoyama boutique to see LOOM bag made by Minamisanriku people.

Dormeuil Aoyama boutique

Address:1-1-1, Minamiaoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3470-0251
Hours : Monday- Saturday 12:00-20:00

"Remember311" Tie

2020/03/10 Updated

LOOM will use a portion of neckties sales to plant Sakura trees in Minamisanriku. Florence Sette Pieghe brand Atto Vannucci' s female artisans crafted LOOM tie by handmade with using LOOM supporter Dormeuil's fabric, Tropical Amadeus. Atto Vannucci's Sette Pieghe tie is well known as sophisticated high quality product to gentlemen. We release only forty units. Tie's fabric is dark navy of Tropical Amadeus by Dormeuil. It is embroidered Cherry blossom petals on small sword of tie. You can order at JACKET STYLE. Every year let's celebrate the recovery of Minamisanriku town people with tieing LOOM tie on 11th March.

Remember 3.11

Cherry tree planting at Minamisanriku Town Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Park

2019/11/29 Updated

We have planted Chree trees which will be parts of the park's attractiveness at Minamisanriku Town Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Park where is continuing under the construction for opening on September 2020.

In this event, the following persons have joined.

Minamisanriku town mayor, Mr.Jin Sato
Minamisanriku town honorable citizen, Mr.Choui Takahashi
People from Minamisanriku forest union
Astrotech president, Mr.Akio Sato
Japan Cherry blossom assosiation president, Mr. and Mrs.Hasumi
People from Onward Kashiyama
People from Yamani

You can see the photos of this event on Facebook.
This park is now being constructed in order to mourn for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and memorize the disaster forever , learn from the unfortunate lessons.

The opening of this park will be on September 2020. We will plant more Cherry blossoms at this park and hope that this park will become famous as Sakura sight seeing place in Japan.

It is not to mention that these activities of LOOM is based on precious efforts by all the LOOM supporters. We would like to ask all the LOOM supporters for their support.

南三陸震災復興記念公園での桜植樹記念碑 南三陸震災復興記念公園での桜植樹 南三陸震災復興記念公園での桜植樹 南三陸震災復興記念公園での桜植樹

LOOM received a letter of appreciation from Hiromichi Watanabe , Minister for Reconstruction

2019/7/25 Updated

LOOM NIPPON, together with the people in Minamisanriku-cho, affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, aims to plant 3000 cherry trees by 2031 when children born in the year of the earthquake become adults and make Minamisanriku be the famous place seeing the cherry. We have already planted 1,123 cherry trees in Minamisanriku Town from 2012 next year after the earthquake from this year on.
On July 25, 2019, LOOM reports proudly on the award of the LOOM by Mr. Hiromichi Watanabe, Minister for Reconstruction. This award ceremony was held at the Reconstruction Agency. From here on, LOOM will continue to work with Jin Sato (Minamisanriku's Mayor), Choui Takahashi ( honorary-citizon of Minamisanriku-cho), and members of the Minamisanriku Forestry Association, the local people including the president of Astrotech Inc Akio Sato who manufactures LOOM bags, and LOOM supporters, the people of Domeuil, Onward Kashiyama, Sanyo Shokai and Sanmotoyama. We will continue its activities for the reconstruction of Minamisanriku-cho. The photos of the day are introduced on facebook .

LOOM received a letter of appreciation from Hiromichi Watanabe , Minister for Reconstruction LOOM received a letter of appreciation from Hiromichi Watanabe , Minister for Reconstruction

We released the video of the party celebrating the award "HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person"

2019/7/9 Updated

We released the video of the party celebrating the award "HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person" which held on 5th July. We appreciate for everyone who attended in this party. Thank you very much.

About the party celebrating the award " HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person" of Yukari Kagami, representative of LOOM NIPPON

2019/6/5 Updated

Dormeuil Japon, LOOM supporter, held a party celebrating the award " HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person" of Yukari Kagami, representaitve of LOOM NIPPON. The first program of party was the "Biwa" performance by Mr.Tomoyoshi Kakushin. After Mr.Okumura, the representative director of Dormeuil Japon, gave the greeding message, Mr. Hasumi( the director of Japan Cherry Blossom Association), Ms.Koike(Tokyo Governor), Mr.Jin Sato(Manimisanriku mayor), Mr.Takahashi(Minamisanriku honored citizen), Mr.Akio Sato(the president of Astroteck), gave congratulations to Yukari. We appreciate many ladies & gentlemen visited to this party . The photos of party are uploaded on facebook. Thank you very much.

ドーメル・ジャポン 奥村社長
日本さくらの会 蓮實理事長 南三陸佐藤仁町長 南三陸高橋名誉町民 サンモトヤマ茂登山相談役 加賀美由加里

"SAKURA" reception party held by Japan Cherry Blossom Association

2019/5/29 Updated

"SAKURA" reception party was held by Japan Cherry Blossom Association in the official residence of House of Representatives Chairman at May/29/2019. Yukari Kagami, representative of LOOM NIPPON also joined in this event. The persons of first picture are Japanese SAKURA queens, USA SAKURA queens, and Mr.Ichiro Aisawa, a member of House of Representives.

Mr.Oshima, House of Representatives Chairman, is also responsible for the chairman of Japan Cherry Blossom Association.

Yukari Kagami was awarded as " HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person". This award to Yukari is due to the people of Minamisanriku and LOOM supporters.
One of LOOM's goal is that Minamisanriku's SAKURA becomes one of Japanese best viewing place of SAKURA. We will continue planting SAKURA to Minamisanriku cho with Minamisanriku people.

日本さくらの女王 衆議院議長公邸

8th Cherry blossom planting aniversary concert

2019/5/14 Updated

We held 8th Cherry blossom planting aniversary concert at 2019/5/14 in Minamisanriku-cho. Minamisanriku-cho Mayor Jin Sato,LOOM NIPPON president Yukari Kagami,Dormeuil Japon president Kiyosi Okumura,Onward Kashiyama Division director Masashi Kouno, SanyoShokai president Isao Iwata made greeting from Organizer or Sponsor position. After its greeting, our event was started with various fantasitic performance. Japanese style drum performance by "OmoriSousakuTaikoAsahigaura" . Wonderful chorus by Minamisanriku-cho's citizen chorus group "Call Shiosai". Mnamisanriku-cho's traditional dance by "Shizugawa Tokoyassai". The last performance was a live by singer-songwriter "Celeina Ann". We already uploaded the event photo record on Facebook. Please check these photos.

太鼓 コーラス トコヤッサイ

We carried out 8th SAKURA memorial tree planting in Iriya Hachiman Shrine (Flash version)

2019/5/14 updated

This Cherryblossom tree planting was done near of the one big pine tree in Iriya Hachiman shrine. This pine tree lived for over 300 ysears but unfortunately harvested because of its lifespan. We are honored that LOOM's Cherryblossom tree have planted in such place. After Japanese divine ritual was made by God lord of Iriya Hachiman shrine, LOOM and our supporter - Dormeuil, Onward Kashiyama, Sanyo shokai, Sunmotoyama, had done the memorial tree planting. We donated total 253 young cherry blossom tree to Minamisanriku-cho in this time. We deeply appreciated for Minamisanriku people who contributed our activities.
You can see many photos in LOOM account of Instagram.

Memorial cherry blossom planting


8th SAKURA tree planting festival

LOOM NIPPON will hold 8th SAKURA tree planting festival in Minamisanriku-cho at May.12.2019.

We hold SAKURA tree planting anniversary concert in Minamisanriku bayside arena, and tree planting ceremony in Iriyayahatajinjya. If you visit this shrine, you can find big trees. The one of these big trees is cedar tree which is living while 400 years. This cedar tree did not lay down by even the power of Tsunami at 3.11.2011. Minamisanriku people have been trying to preserve this tree as the symbol of life until now. However, it has been unfortunately decided that three quarter of this cedar tree will be cut this April.

Minamisanriku people and LOOM decide to plant SAKURA tree in hope that SAKURA will be the new symbol of citizen's relief. As like SAKURA planted by us in the past, we hope that this SAKURA tree will bring KIBOU (hope) to Minamisanriku people's heart.

Celeina Ann decides by herself to participate in our anniversary concert even though she has to appear in the live radio broadcasting program early morning in Tokyo on that day. Minamisanriku people and LOOM appreciate her and her management office's heartful decision.

We hope that many people will join in our program.



LOOM bag 2019 collection order event is being held in SANMOTOYAMA Ginza

made in Minamisanriku's LOOM bag 2019 new item is a gray and white calf-based "GRATITUDE ( "Thanks))," MERCI (thank you) "on canvas. You can order in SANMOTOYAMA Ginza .

A part of the LOOM bag earnings purchased in SANMOTOYAMA until now is used for cherry tree planting in Minamisanriku Town. The cherry blossoms of the planted LOOM are little by little but bloom every year in Minamisanriku. Every time this little cherry blossoms bloom, Minami Sanriku people, including Astrotech, who manufactures LOOM bags, are encouraged. We would like to thank everyone who bought the LOOM bag again.

◆ LOOM bag 2019 collection

Date: March 18 (Mon)-April 30 (Tues)
11:00 am-7:00 pm (on Sundays and public holidays until 6:00 pm)
Place: SANMOTOYAMA Ginza Ladies
Tokyo Ginza 6-6-7 Ginza Chuo Ward Tokyo Ginza Asahi Building 2F

Google Maps
Tel. 03-3573-0003



Remember that day and let hope come to heart.

We will hold a tree planting festival of LOOM again this year. The 8th Tree Planting Festival is scheduled to be held on Sunday, May 12, 2019. The content of the event will be announced later, so please join us.



LOOM bag 2018 collection has been released

Four years ago today. On July 23, 2014, the Japanese Emperor and Empress visited Minamisanriku Town.
When we saw the bag that Empress Michiko has,
We did not stop tears.

The Huffpost Japan introduces the appearance of the Emperor and Empress of the day .

We set our heart on the memories of this day and
make a new collection every year.
The new 2020 LOOM bag "Neige" is handled at SANMOTOYAMA Ginza . .


Pictures of the 7th Cherry blossom tree-planting festival

We published pictures of the 7th Cherry blossom tree-planting festival held at Minamisanriku town on April,21,2018. you can see these on Instagram or facebook.


facebook album



Online film "SAKURA and KIBOU"

We created the movie about the activities of LOOM NIPPON so far and released it on YouTube. Thanks to Minamisanriku-town people and LOOM supporter who appeared on this film. We hope that "KIBOU" will light in the hearts of people in Minami Sanriku-cho and in the hearts of people who suffer throughout the world.



'Hand in Hand' to support Northeastern Japan together

LOOM Nippon became a global partner of Project 'Hand in Hand' to support Northeastern Japan together.

hand in hand


"LOOM BAG" Launching exhibition was held at a very reputed and fashionable select shop called SUN MOTOYAMA in GINZA,TOKYO.

LOOM BAG is named after "Love Of Our Motherland". The LOOM Bags are made for the purpose of creating jobs in Minami Sanriku-cho where Tsunami hit dramatically on March 11th, 2011 just after the Great East Japan earthquake. LOOM BAG is made by leather and crafted and woven by the ladies of Minami Sanriku-cho town. The collection is built on designs and colors with special meanings and emotion. The theme of LOOM BAG is "wish upon a star" On 11th March,after Tsunami, snow started to fall but when snow stopped there were bright stars in the sky. Many victims wished upon the stars with hope to meet their loved ones again. The stars were the only light when town was covered by complete darkness.
SUN MOTOYAMA will start taking orders before actual release of LOOM BAG in mid-September this year.We are looking forward to receiving your orders of LOOM BAG at Sun Motoyama Ginza where all samples are displayed. Delivery will be around end of August.

The subscription sales of LOOM BAG
Date:June 18 - June 26 2012
Time:11:00 am - 7:00 pm (6:00pm on Sunday)
Contact: SUN MOTOYAMA Ginza 03-3573-0003


The Cherry blossom trees have now grown and looked after carefully by the town.


Our first cheery blossom tree planting took place in Minamisanriku town during the commemorative ceremony. Although it was raining, many people participated and spent a wonderful time together. LOOM Nippon would like to send our special thanks to the people of Minamisanriku town, Major of Minamisanriku town Mr. Jin Sato, Dormeuil CFO Mr. Chris Robinson, Fashion Director Mr. Yukio Akamine, President of Onward Kashiyama Mr. Akinori Baba, and top model Ms. Ai Tominaga.

Check out the pictures on our Facebook photo album.


Announced the new KIBOU 311 tropical amadius at the party celebrating the 170th year anniversary of Dormeuil and 100th year anniversary of Dormeuil Japan.

2011/7/1-7/18 #sakuramovement

The top model Ai Tominafa held a "I.Tominaga" exhibition. This exhibition originally started from <#sakuramovement> movement that was ignited on Twitter by Ai Tominaga herself. Right after the disaster, Ai was willing to bring cheery blossoms to the people and places that were damaged by Tsunami as soon as possible. Pictures of cherry blossom trees were collected from all around Japan and big picture collages were made from them.
LOOM NIPPON supported this activity.

(c) LOOM NIPPON. photo by Alfie Goodric, Creative Director/ Yoshi Takeuchi , Design & Production/ QUALLIA inc.
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