LOOM BAG collection

Bags are created by local people of Minamisanriku town with a theme of the traditional Tanabata Festival (Star Festival-Vega and Altire). The two bright white lines are woven in the bag to represent the wishes and hopes to revitalize the hometowns and victims in Northeastern Japan.

VEGA series

We will release new VEGA series which is hot series in LOOM bag. VEGA series have a motif of traditional TOHOKU's handicraft "KIRIKO" . We will produce this bag with the hope that this area will soon recover as the land of abundant crops that it used to be. All lining is in red color to express our emotion and passion.

ALTAIR series

In this series, there are two types. One weaved with white lines of ETOLIE representing Vega in the dark sky and the another Altire, in tone to tone, to show the beautiful handcraft. We will weave our hope and love into this bag series.


The BIZ series.You will be able to receive the energy of the victims who stood up to overcome the difficulties after the Tsunami. ETOILE series express the shining stars and TISSAGE series show the beauty of the weaving itself.


The MESANGER bags are crafted with the simbol of "Cherryblossom and Stars". These bags are the Message to thank for everyone around the world who sent the heart-warming messages to Japan after the earthquake.


The snaps of this bag are the two white stars. When you close this bag, the snap designed as the two white stars 'MEET EACH OTHER'(Theme of star festival) and protect your bag. The two stars are VEGA and ALTAIR.

(c) LOOM NIPPON. photo by Alfie Goodric, Creative Director/ Yoshi Takeuchi , Design & Production/ QUALLIA inc.
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