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LOOM NIPPON are doing with cooperation of Minamisanriku citizens mainly the two activities.
The one  is to plant 3,000 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku by 2031 when children born in 2011 become 20 years olds.
We have already donated 2,786 Sakura trees and planted 1,478 planted Sakura trees in Minamisanriku by February 2023 with help of Minamisanriku citizens, especially Minamisanriku forest association's people, since 2012 , the next year after The Great East Japan Earthquake.
and the another one is to create employment in Minamisanriku through selling LOOM bag made in Minamisanriku.  
We call the name of these acitivity "KIBOU311". We hope that you will participate in our "KIBOU311" action.
On 23th July 2014, LOOM fortunately encountered great serendipity that Empress, Michiko, visited in Minamisanriku with holding LOOM bag in her hand.
We express sincere gratitude for very kindness and affection from dear Empress to us.
On July 25, 2019, LOOM was honored to be awarded by Mr. Hiromichi Watanabe, Minister for Reconstruction.
This award ceremony was held at the Reconstruction Agency.
From here on, LOOM will continue to work with Jin Sato (Minamisanriku's Mayor), Choui Takahashi ( honorary-citizon of Minamisanriku-cho),
and members of the Minamisanriku Forestry Association, the local people including the president of Astrotech Inc Akio Sato who manufactures LOOM bags,
and LOOM supporters, the people of Domeuil, Onward Kashiyama, Sanyo Shokai and Sanmotoyama.
We will continue its activities for the reconstruction of Minamisanriku-cho. The photos of the day are introduced on facebook .
Yukari Kagami, Representative,  Makoto Kagam , Chairman

LOOM is named from "Love Of Our Motherland".
We put the name LOOM in the sense that we would like to support people devastated suffer with uniting our hearts loving our country.
The word of LOOM has meaning that woven machine. The woven machine's role is to make yarn warp and weft threads.
We, LOOM, would like to become "woven machine" which connects various generations (vertical) and the same generation(horizontal).
LOOM connects people hearts widely by various project.