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We have a dream, "To create fashion industry in Minamisanriku".
LOOM NIPPON does "handcrafting" bag with Astrotech, Minamisanriku-cho company.
We have a dream, "To create fashion industry in Minamisanriku".
We know that this dream can not come true without very hard hard effort and sprendipity.
The above photograph is being took in Astrotech where Yukari Kagami, representative of LOOM NIPPON visited when she participated in Sakra trees planting in Minamisanriku.
On 23th July 2014, We fortunately encountered great serendipity that Empress, Michiko, visited in Minamisanriku with holding LOOM bag in her hand.
We express sincere gratitude for very kindness and affection from dear Empress to us.
By receiving precious love from Empress, Michiko, we will try more and more effort for ladies and gentlemen to feel LOOM bag is an elegant and want to have LOOM bag.
We belive that our dream should come a step closer to reality little by little someday .


The retailer of LOOM bag made in Minamisanriku is Dormeuil Aoyama Boutique
If you are interested in LOOM bag, please feel free to contact Dormeuil Aoyama Boutique.
You can also order an original bag of Astrotech which is the maker of LOOM bag through their Yahoo shopping pages.
Parts of sales revenue of LOOM bag which you purchase fill into the fund of planting 3,000 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku.
By every Spring, Sakura trees we have planted are blooming flower steadily even though it is little by little.
Minamisanriku citizens including Astrotech people can have courage to progress forward every time when they find these small sakura trees are blooming flower.
We would like to express sincere gratitude for all customers of LOOM bag.

The above YouTube movie is interviewed by "Recovery Media Team". In this movie, it is introduced from the encountering between LOOM and Minamisanriku to the birth of LOOM bag




Neige series

Neige is a French word which means snow. This bag is created by an inspiration we got from one woman's story in Minamisanriku. When the earthquake was happened , she had gone to a far place from Minamisanriku for her business. She had struggled to return her home town, Minamisanriku, with anxious of her child's safe by help of Japanese Self Defence Force. After some days , she could return and fortunately meet her child who was in an public escape place. When she asked with holding daughter tight " Did you be scared ?" ,  what daughter said first was , " Mom,  Stars in the night sky were very beautiful last night ". It is because the night in TOHOKU area was mid-black due to the loss of electric power. This bag white color is imaged the stars in that night. LOOM bag is made by hands of women in Astrotech , MInamisanriku-cho company. We appreciate if you use LOOM bag for your daily life.
you can buy Dormeuil Aoyama boutique. ( LOOM bag is an order made product. )



ALTAIR series

One weaved with white lines of ETOLIE representing Vega in the dark sky and the another Altire, in tone to tone, to show the beautiful handcraft.
We will weave our hope and love into this bag series.
You can buy Dormeuil Aoyama Boutique. ( LOOM bag is an order made product. )




Partage series

The bag is made to put orange grosgrain tape on black cavas fabric.
The color of orange is a symbol of energy for recovery (a burning sun).
White is snow and star.
The base color, black , is a symbol of Tsunami which must not forget. 100% Made in Minamisanriku.The bottom and handle are used with cow leather
You can buy Dormeuil Aoyama Boutique. ( LOOM bag is an order made product. )

Past collections



VEGA series

VEGA series have a motif of traditional TOHOKU's handicraft "KIRIKO" .
We will produce this bag with the hope that this area will soon recover as the land of abundant crops that it used to be.







The BIZ series.
You will be able to receive the energy of the victims who stood up to overcome the difficulties after the Tsunami. ETOILE series express the shining stars and TISSAGE series show the beauty of the weaving itself.







The MESANGER bags are crafted with the simbol of "Cherryblossom and Stars".
These bags are the Message to thank for everyone around the world who sent the heart-warming messages to Japan after the earthquake.





The snaps of this bag are the two white stars.
When you close this bag, the snap designed as the two white stars 'MEET EACH OTHER'(Theme of star festival) and protect your bag.
The two stars are VEGA and ALTAIR.