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Loom Nippon is looking for supporters of the KIBOU 311 activities.
If you are interested in supporting the activities with us, please feel free to contact us through this link.
KIBOU 311 activities are supported by the contributions of our current supporters below.


Dormeuil, one of the world’s leading wool merchants, started off in France in 1842 by selling woolen fabrics imported from Great Britain, and presently the company exports to 80 countries around the world. The Dormeuil headquarters are located in the suburbs of Paris, where all functions, from planning and design to computer-controlled import and export, are concentrated. Also included are such functions as the storage and management of original fabrics, manufactured products, and accessories. Dormeuil’s high-end products made from Pashmina fabric are available at leading tailors and well-known department stores. At present, Dormeuil is operated by a competent team headed by CEO Dominic Dormeuil, and this team is devoted to continuously providing top-quality Dormeuil collections.



Operating in a business domain that we define as “a luxury world that adds color and affluence to people’s lives,” Onward Kashiyama’s management philosophy centers on creating new values & lifestyles and contributing to the enrichment of people’s lives by providing “fashion” as a culture. According to the basic strategy of “brand-based management,” Onward Kashiyama is currently working to expand its existing business operations by further strengthening such key brands as 23ku, Kumikyoku, and Gotairiku, while aiming to expand into new business areas. Onward Kashiyama will continue to pursue new values and generate a sense of exaltation and excitement, in order to create a positive and lasting impression on its customers.



With 70 years of business history, Sanyo Shokai has formulated “Timeless work, true quality manufacturing” as its tagline, reflecting its aim to continuously offer products of timeless value. The company’s various brands, including EPOCA, MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY, and Paul Stuart, have already won the hearts and minds of many fashion aficionados.