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We introduce recent news of LOOM's activities of "KIBOU 311" here.
There are mainly the two activities in "KIBOU311".
The one  is to plant 3,000 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku by 2031 when children born in 2011 become 20 years olds.
We have already donated 2,786 Sakura trees and planted 1,478 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku by February 2023 with help of Minamisanriku citizens, especially Minamisanriku forest association's people, since 2012 , the next year after The Great East Japan Earthquake.
and the another one is to create employment in Minamisanriku through selling LOOM bag made in Minamisanriku.  
We call the name of these acitivity "KIBOU311". If you are interested in "KIBOU311", please feel free to contact us.

We unavoidably decide to cancel this year Sakura tree planting festival due to COVID-19 problem

1th May 2020 Updated
Although we had continued Sakura tree planting in Minamisanriku-cho since 2012, we unavoidably decide to cancel this year event.
It is very unfortunate that we won't meet every LOOM supporters including Minamisanriku citizens.
But this decision is because LOOM think people's safety and health and avoid the pandemic of COVID-19.
Of course, LOOM donated Sakura trees to Minamisanriku-cho also this year. We appreciate very much to hear that Minamisanriku forest association's people will make Sakura tree planting instead of us this year.
LOOM planted Sakura trees with Minamisanriku citizens in Minamisanriku recovery memorial park in the end of November.
It is very happy that this Sakura trees are already blooming this spring.
We hope that you will continue to support LOOM activities .
The photographs are taken Sakura tree planting at Minamisanriku recovery memorial park on 28th November 2019.

LOOM's Sakura is blooming in Minamisanriku-cho recovery memorial park

2020/04/12 Updated
LOOM's "Sakura of hope" is blooming in Minamisanriku-cho recovery memorial park. We can feel this happiness thanks to our supporters. We hope that "Hope for tomorrow" will be blooming in your heart even in fighting COVID-19.


The above photograpgh is a memorial monument placed at the top of "Blessing hill" in Minamisanriku-cho recovery memorial park. Minamisanriku-cho recovery memorial park opens partially and will be opening whole park in Autumn 2020. For detail, please check Minamisanriku-cho tourlist association's website.

We cancel LOOM bag special sales event and release that Dormeuil Aoyama boutique becomes LOOM bag retailer from 21th March 2020

2020/03/17 Updated
We cancel LOOM bag special sales event scheduled to be held on 21th March due to the problem of Coronaviurses. A special performance by Violinists Mark Gothóni and cellist Yuko Miyagawa is also canceled at the same time.

Dormeuil Aoyama boutique becomes LOOM bag sales retailer from 21th March. Please visit Dormeuil Aoyama boutique to see LOOM bag made by Minamisanriku people.

Dormeuil Aoyama boutique

Address:1-1-1, Minamiaoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3470-0251
Hours : Monday- Saturday 12:00-20:00

"Remember311" Tie

2020/03/10 Updated
LOOM will use a portion of neckties sales to plant Sakura trees in Minamisanriku. Florence Sette Pieghe brand Atto Vannucci' s female artisans crafted LOOM tie by handmade with using LOOM supporter Dormeuil's fabric, Tropical Amadeus. Atto Vannucci's Sette Pieghe tie is well known as sophisticated high quality product to gentlemen. We release only forty units. Tie's fabric is dark navy of Tropical Amadeus by Dormeuil. It is embroidered Cherry blossom petals on small sword of tie. You can order at JACKET STYLE. Every year let's celebrate the recovery of Minamisanriku town people with tieing LOOM tie on 11th March.

Cherry tree planting at Minamisanriku Town Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Park

2019/11/29 Updated
We have planted Chree trees which will be parts of the park's attractiveness at Minamisanriku Town Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Park where is continuing under the construction for opening on September 2020.

In this event, the following persons have joined.

Minamisanriku town mayor, Mr.Jin Sato
Minamisanriku town honorable citizen, Mr.Choui Takahashi
People from Minamisanriku forest union
Astrotech president, Mr.Akio Sato
Japan Cherry blossom assosiation president, Mr. and Mrs.Hasumi
People from Onward Kashiyama
People from Yamani

You can see the photos of this event on Facebook.
This park is now being constructed in order to mourn for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and memorize the disaster forever , learn from the unfortunate lessons.

The opening of this park will be on September 2020. We will plant more Cherry blossoms at this park and hope that this park will become famous as Sakura sight seeing place in Japan.

It is not to mention that these activities of LOOM is based on precious efforts by all the LOOM supporters. We would like to ask all the LOOM supporters for their support.

LOOM received a letter of appreciation from Hiromichi Watanabe , Minister for Reconstruction

2019/7/25 Updated
LOOM NIPPON, together with the people in Minamisanriku-cho, affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, aims to plant 3000 cherry trees by 2031 when children born in the year of the earthquake become adults and make Minamisanriku be the famous place seeing the cherry. We have already planted 1,123 cherry trees in Minamisanriku Town from 2012 next year after the earthquake from this year on.
On July 25, 2019, LOOM reports proudly on the award of the LOOM by Mr. Hiromichi Watanabe, Minister for Reconstruction. This award ceremony was held at the Reconstruction Agency. From here on, LOOM will continue to work with Jin Sato (Minamisanriku's Mayor), Choui Takahashi ( honorary-citizon of Minamisanriku-cho), and members of the Minamisanriku Forestry Association, the local people including the president of Astrotech Inc Akio Sato who manufactures LOOM bags, and LOOM supporters, the people of Domeuil, Onward Kashiyama, Sanyo Shokai and Sanmotoyama. We will continue its activities for the reconstruction of Minamisanriku-cho. The photos of the day are introduced on facebook .

We released the video of the party celebrating the award "HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person"

2019/7/9 Updated

We released the video of the party celebrating the award "HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person" which held on 5th July. We appreciate for everyone who attended in this party. Thank you very much.

About the party celebrating the award " HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person" of Yukari Kagami, representative of LOOM NIPPON

2019/6/5 Updated


Dormeuil Japon, LOOM supporter, held a party celebrating the award " HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person" of Yukari Kagami, representaitve of LOOM NIPPON. The first program of party was the "Biwa" performance by Mr.Tomoyoshi Kakushin. After Mr.Okumura, the representative director of Dormeuil Japon, gave the greeding message, Mr. Hasumi( the director of Japan Cherry Blossom Association), Ms.Koike(Tokyo Governor), Mr.Jin Sato(Manimisanriku mayor), Mr.Takahashi(Minamisanriku honored citizen), Mr.Akio Sato(the president of Astroteck), gave congratulations to Yukari. We appreciate many ladies & gentlemen visited to this party . The photos of party are uploaded on facebook. Thank you very much.

"SAKURA" reception party held by Japan Cherry Blossom Association

2019/5/29 Updated


"SAKURA" reception party was held by Japan Cherry Blossom Association in the official residence of House of Representatives Chairman at May/29/2019. Yukari Kagami, representative of LOOM NIPPON also joined in this event. The persons of first picture are Japanese SAKURA queens, USA SAKURA queens, and Mr.Ichiro Aisawa, a member of House of Representives.

Mr.Oshima, House of Representatives Chairman, is also responsible for the chairman of Japan Cherry Blossom Association.

Yukari Kagami was awarded as " HEISEI 31st National Sakura Contributing Person". This award to Yukari is due to the people of Minamisanriku and LOOM supporters.
One of LOOM's goal is that Minamisanriku's SAKURA becomes one of Japanese best viewing place of SAKURA. We will continue planting SAKURA to Minamisanriku cho with Minamisanriku people.

8th Cherry blossom planting aniversary concert

2019/5/14 Updaed
We held 8th Cherry blossom planting aniversary concert at 2019/5/14 in Minamisanriku-cho. Minamisanriku-cho Mayor Jin Sato,LOOM NIPPON president Yukari Kagami,Dormeuil Japon president Kiyosi Okumura,Onward Kashiyama Division director Masashi Kouno, SanyoShokai president Isao Iwata made greeting from Organizer or Sponsor position. After its greeting, our event was started with various fantasitic performance. Japanese style drum performance by "OmoriSousakuTaikoAsahigaura" . Wonderful chorus by Minamisanriku-cho's citizen chorus group "Call Shiosai". Mnamisanriku-cho's traditional dance by "Shizugawa Tokoyassai". The last performance was a live by singer-songwriter "Celeina Ann". We already uploaded the event photo record on Facebook. Please check these photos.

We carried out 8th SAKURA memorial tree planting in Iriya Hachiman Shrine (Flash version)

2019/5/14 Updated
This Cherryblossom tree planting was done near of the one big pine tree in Iriya Hachiman shrine. This pine tree lived for over 300 ysears but unfortunately harvested because of its lifespan. We are honored that LOOM's Cherryblossom tree have planted in such place. After Japanese divine ritual was made by God lord of Iriya Hachiman shrine, LOOM and our supporter - Dormeuil, Onward Kashiyama, Sanyo shokai, Sunmotoyama, had done the memorial tree planting. We donated total 253 young cherry blossom tree to Minamisanriku-cho in this time. We deeply appreciated for Minamisanriku people who contributed our activities.
You can see many photos in LOOM account of Instagram.

8th SAKURA tree planting festival

2019/4/9 Updated
LOOM NIPPON will hold 8th SAKURA tree planting festival in Minamisanriku-cho at May.12.2019.

We hold SAKURA tree planting anniversary concert in Minamisanriku bayside arena, and tree planting ceremony in Iriyayahatajinjya. If you visit this shrine, you can find big trees. The one of these big trees is cedar tree which is living while 400 years. This cedar tree did not lay down by even the power of Tsunami at 3.11.2011. Minamisanriku people have been trying to preserve this tree as the symbol of life until now. However, it has been unfortunately decided that three quarter of this cedar tree will be cut this April.

Minamisanriku people and LOOM decide to plant SAKURA tree in hope that SAKURA will be the new symbol of citizen's relief. As like SAKURA planted by us in the past, we hope that this SAKURA tree will bring KIBOU (hope) to Minamisanriku people's heart.

Celeina Ann decides by herself to participate in our anniversary concert even though she has to appear in the live radio broadcasting program early morning in Tokyo on that day. Minamisanriku people and LOOM appreciate her and her management office's heartful decision.

We hope that many people will join in our program.

LOOM bag 2019 collection
2019/3/27 Updated

Made in Minamisanriku's LOOM bag 2019 new item is a gray and white calf-based "GRATITUDE ( "Thanks))," MERCI (thank you) "on canvas.

A part of the LOOM bag earnings purchased until now is used for cherry tree planting in Minamisanriku Town. The cherry blossoms of the planted LOOM are little by little but bloom every year in Minamisanriku. Every time this little cherry blossoms bloom, Minami Sanriku people, including Astrotech, who manufactures LOOM bags, are encouraged. We would like to thank everyone who bought the LOOM bag again.

Remember that day and let hope come to heart.

We will hold a tree planting festival of LOOM again this year. The 8th Tree Planting Festival is scheduled to be held on Sunday, May 12, 2019. The content of the event will be announced later, so please join us.

LOOM bag 2018 collection has been released

2018/7/23 Updated
Four years ago today. On July 23, 2014, the Japanese Emperor and Empress visited Minamisanriku Town.
When we saw the bag that Empress Michiko has,
We did not stop tears.

The Huffpost Japan introduces the appearance of the Emperor and Empress of the day .

We set our heart on the memories of this day and
make a new collection every year.
The new 2020 LOOM bag "Neige" is handled at Dormeuil Aoyama.

Pictures of the 7th Cherry blossom tree-planting festival

2018/5/8 Updated
We published pictures of the 7th Cherry blossom tree-planting festival held at Minamisanriku town on April,21,2018. you can see these on Instagram or facebook.


facebook album
We carried out 7th Sakura tree planting festival
2018/3/21 Updated
We held 7th Sakura tree planting festival on 21th April 2018.
On this event, we did first "Hanami", Japanese Sakura viewing outdoor party , after planting Sakura tree in MInamisanriku-cho. Joiners had enjoyed various activities on this event. 
On festival event, Singersong writer Celeina Ann performed her fantastic music. Yukio Akamine, fashion director, and Rui Mayumi, Photographer, also joined  this festival. 

Sakura tree planting
Date:21th April 2018 Saturday 12:00-13:00
Place:The front of Minamisanriku-cho central apartment

"Hanami" party
Date:21th April 2018 Saturday 13:00-15:00
442, Sakurasawa, Iriya-aza, Minamisanriku-cho

Released YouTube movie "Feel the smile of Minamisanriku"

2017/12/15 Updated
This movie is a documentary one which introduces the first Minamisanriku visit of Celeina Ann, LOOM supporter.

Released YouTube movie "SAKURA and KIBOU"

2017/9/11 Updated
We created a short movie which introduces LOOM's activities from 2012 and released on YouTube channel. We appreciate LOOM supporter and Minamisanriku people featured in movie . We hope that this movie will bring "KIBOU" to all people including Minamisanriku-cho's citizen. 

SENKEN newspaper introduced LOOM's activity

2017/5/30 Updated
The goal of LOOM's "KIBOU311" project is to make Minamisanriku-cho be the best Sakura viewing place in Tohoku area of Japan. LOOM are planting Sakura tree every year in Minamisanriku-cho. This project is supported by Dormeuil, Onward Kashiyama, Sanyo Shokai. 
We proudly showed that SENKEN newspaper introduced this activities as top news on 30th May 2017. 

We held 6th Sakura tree planting festival

LOOM held Sakura tree planting festival on 14th May 2017 in Minamisanriku-cho. 1,085 Sakura trees already planted ( Total donated trees are 1,585) are growing steadily now. 
You can see part of photographs on facebook.

6th Sakura tree planting festival

2017/4/13 Updated
LOOM will hold 6th Sakura tree planting festival on 14th May 2017. In this year ceremony, Celeina Ann, Singer song writer, will perform her song , and Pop artist, Peter Marco from New York, also visit Minamisanriku-cho. 
Minamisanriku students brass band group and chorus group "Shiosai" will join in this festival continuing like last year.  After this festival, we will plant Sakura trees in Minamisanriku-cho with help of Minamisanriku forest association.

Ceremony concert
  • Date: 14th May 2017 Sunday 13:00 – 15:00(Opening: 12:30)
  • Place: Minamisanriku total sports hall "Bayside Arena" 

Sakura tree planting ceremony
  • Date: 14th May 2017 Sunday 16:15 –
  • Place: The front of Minamisanriku forest association building
  • 138-3, Tennousan, Shizugawa-aza, Minamisanriku-cho

5th Sakura tree planting festival

2016/5/11 Updated
We released photographs of 5th Sakura tree planting festival held in Minamisanriku-cho on 8th May 2016  in Facebook. 

5th Sakura tree planting festival

2016/4/28 Updated
We held 5th Sakura tree festival on 5th May 2016 in Minamisanriku-cho. In this festival ceremony, Cellist, Yuko Miyagawa, performed her music, and Kakushin Tomoyoshi, Classical Satsuma Biwa performer, also did his music.  Minamisanriku students blass band and citizon chorus group "Shiosai" made their performance like last year. After this event, we planted Sakura trees in Minamisanriku-cho with the help of Minamisanriku forest association.
Sakura tree ceremony concert
Date: 8th May 2016 Sunday  13:00 – 15:00(Opening : 12:30)
Place: Minamisanriku total sports hall "Bayside arena"

Sakura trees planting ceremony
Date: 8th May 2016 Sunday  16:15 – 
442, Sakurasawa, Iriya-aza, Minamisanriku-cho

LOOM bag in Sunmotoyama "Tokyo sun-fair"

2016/4/12 Updated
LOOM joined in "Tokyo sun-fair" held by Sunmotoyama from 9th to 10th April 2016 at Tokyo International Forum.

NHK broadcasting 90th aniversary TV program "Moribito"

2016/4/1 Updated
"Moribito" is an anniversary TV program of NHK broadcasting 90th. This program creating began in 2015,  90th years after NHK opend its TV station. This program is created based on the novel by Nahoko Uehashi , worldwide famous writer. NHK developed this program with 4K high definition camera and released as fantasy masterpiece program.

Please pay attention to the costumes of a main character "Balsa" performed by Haruka Ayase and a dagger master "Gigro" performed by Kikkawa Koji. 

The above photo's costume was made in Minamisanriku company, Astrotech which is a member of LOOM NIPPON.

LOOM bag in Ginza

2016/2/18 Updated
Sun motoyama , LOOM supporter, held LOOM bag order event by 29th Feb 2016 at Sun motoyama Ginza store.
(Unfortunately they closed this store now)

Dormeuil released a new collection of "Tropical Amadeus" attached "KIBOU311" logo

2016/2/2 Updated
Dormeuil, a supporter of LOOM NIPPON , released a new collection of "Tropical Amadeus" bunch attached "KIBOU311" logo in PR event. Dormeuil invited Sato mayor of Minamisanriku-cho in this event and announced that Dormeuil will donate parts of sales revenue of this bunch fabrics which her customers ordered from  through global Dormeuil 40 locations to KIBOU 311 project and fill into Sakura trees planting fund in Minamisanriku-cho. LOOM has been planting Sakura trees in Minamisanriku-cho since 2012. This sakura trees planting festival became 5th times in 2016. You can see photographs in this festival through Facebook

Yomiuri newspaper featured Astorotech

2016/1/12 Updated
Yomiuri news paper Miyagi prefecture version featured Astrotech on the article of "Opening up tomorrow" on 8th January 2016.

LOOM bag on Mrs magazine

2015/12/21 Updated


Mrs magazine selected LOOM bag "VEGA" as 55th anniversary present of January 2016.

"made in Minamisanriku" bag Lien



LOOM bag partner , Astrotech , released an original bag "Lien" made in Minamisanriku.  This tote bag is made with wool material and its name "Lien" means "connecting person to person" in French . Having this bag may make you feel be happy because Minamisanriku's people are creating with their heart. 

You can put A4 size documents into this bag which is attached with mini pouch bag. The front fabric is wool and behind one is 10 shangtunt ( Rayon 100% ). 

YouTube digest movie of 4th Sakura tree planting festival


Comedian group "L.A.F.U." released a digest YouTube movie taken on 4th Sakura tree planting festival held on 10th May 2015. 

Comedian group L.A.F.U. visited Astrotech


Comedian group L.A.F.U. visited Astrotech at the day when LOOM held Sakura tree planting festival on 10th May 2015.  You can watch how Astrotech people make LOOM BAG with their hand on this movie. 

Paul Stuart (SANYO) donated Sakura trees

Paul Stuart division of Sanyo shokai donated to LOOM from parts of sales in "Sakura blazer". Paul Stuart planted 17 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku-cho with this donation. 

4th Sakura trees planting festival

2015/05/10 Updated


LOOM held 4th Sakura trees planting ceremony in Minamisanriku integrated gymnasuim "Bayside Arena" on 10th May 2015. You can see photographs of this ceremony through Facebook

Kayoko Iwate, freelance announcer from Kesennuma, moderated this ceremony. Minamisanriku citizens enjoyed various perfomers activities. We appreciate very much that these fantastic performers joined LOOM ceremony .  These performers are
Comedian group L.A.F.U. / Percussionist Tomoo Nagai / "Kyogen" perfomer Motonari Okura
Minamisanriku chorus group Shiosai
After this ceremony, we had planted Sakura trees donated from LOOM supporters.

"TOHOKU manufacture story" featured Astrotech and LOOM bag

2015/05/01 Updated
"TOHOKU manufacture story" is a project aiming to archive the story of manufacturing in suffered area. This website featured a story of LOOM bag and Astrotech.

4th Sakura trees planting festival 

2015/04/01 Updated


LOOM held 4th Sakura trees planting festival on 10th May 2015. The following information is an announcement of the summary of this ceremony released in the past.
We will hold an anniversary ceremony of Sakura trees planting festival. Various fantastic artists will join in this ceremony. They are
Comedian group L.A.F.U. / Percussionist Tomoo Nagai / "Kyogen" perfomer Motonori Okura / Minamisanriku chous group Shiosai.
After this ceremony, we will plant Sakura trees donated from LOOM supporters.
Yukio Akamine, fashion director, and Rui Mayumi, Photographer, also will join as LOOM supporters in this festival.

Sakura trees planting anniversary concert
Date : 10th May 2015 Sunday 13:00 – 15:00(Opening: 12:30)
Place : Minamisanriku Integrated Gymnasium "Bayside Arena"
(56, Numata, Sizugawa, Minamisanriku)

Sakura trees planting ceremony
Date : 10th May 2015 Sunday 16:15 –
Place : Hirokorosato  (442, Sakurasawa, Iriya-aa, Minamisanriku)

Dormeuil released tie and pocket chief using Sakura trees painting by Minamisanriku children

2015/04/01 Updated
Dormeuil Japon made new products of tie and pocket chief using Sakura trees by Minamisanriku children.Tie is a vivid blue and a pale pink pattern. Pocket chief is using fourteen paintings of Sakura blooming. Gentleman can use these items to express himself attire elegance. Dormeuil will donate parts of sales revenue of these tie and pocket chief through LOOM NIPPON to Sakura trees planting activities in Minamisanriku.

Minamisanriku official blog "Minamisanriku now" featured Astrotech, LOOM bag maker

2014/11/21 Updated


Minamisanriku official blog "Minamisanriku now" featured Astrotech, LOOM bag maker.​​​​

NTV program "Diary of Imperial family" featured Astrotech and LOOM NIPPON

2014/11/2 Updated
The following TV program introduced the hope of Empress Michiko to sufferd area and featured Astrotech , LOOM bag maker, as one case of  given affection from Empress.

BS NTV "Thursday special program"
6th November 2014,  19:00-

NTV program "Diary of Imperial family"
16th November 2014, 6:00-

LOOM bag featured in Dormeuil Japon 10th anniversary exhibition

2014/10/16 Updated


LOOM displayed LOOM bag in Dormeuil Japon 10th anniversary exhibition, "HOUSE OF DORMEUIL", held on 16th October 2014.

3th Sakura trees planting festival

2014/05/11 Updated
LOOM held Sakura trees planting festival on 11th May 2014 and an anniversary concert in Minamisanriku Integrated Gymnasium "Baysaide Arena". 
Minamisanriku citizens enjoyed various performances from Yuko Miyagawa, Cellist, Erika Yamamoto, Pianist, Yuka Matsumoto, vionlinist, and Hanako Ohshima, Singer, a daughter of Kyu Sakamoto. Forty eight students from Seisen Senior Hight School performed chorus with Minamisanriku citizens chorus group "Shiosai" in this concert.
Mr. Daijiro Koide, executive director of Paul Stuar division in Sanyo Shokai, visiting to this ceremony as a guest, presented Certificated of gratitude for Sakura painting to Chihiro Oikawa from Utazu junior high school.
Akinori Baba, Onward CEO, presented Certificate of donation of Sakura trees to  Sato Mayor of Minamisanriku-cho.
After this concert, we had planted Sakura trees in Minamisanriku.
You can see photographs of this event through Facebook.

Paul Stuart decided to support LOOM Sakura project donation with "Sakura blazer"

2014/03/09 Updated


Pau Stuart by Sanyo Shokai released a new product line "Sakura Blazer" with LOOM NIPPON.  This blazer is the symbol product telling  dream that many Sakura trees will be blooming in Minamisanriku and bring happiness. 
Paul Stuart released "Sakura blazer" in all stores from 8th to 31th March 2014, and donated parts of sales revenue to LOOM Sakura project. Customers bought this blazer could be presented a pocket chief painted Sakura trees blooming while this campaign. 

The detail information is written in Paul Stuart past news release

The exhibition of  "KIBOU311" Sakura paintings in Shinjuku promenade street

Sakura paintings which painted by students of five Minamisanriku elementary schools and three junior high schools was displayed in the following place.
Shinjuku promenade gallery
2-2, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo (Alias : One day street )

From 8th December 2013 to 3th January 2014

Yukari Kagami, Chairman of LOOM NIPPON 

Co-organizer :
Tokyo Metropolitan Corporation for Road improvement and Management

LOOM received Social products award

2013/7/26 Updated
LOOM bag was given Social products award by Association for the Promotion of Social Products. Social products award was starting in order to promote Social products in Japan. 

 LOOM NIPPON activities appeared in an article of  issue of 6/10 of WWD

2013/6/11 Updated


LOOM NIPPON's activity of Sakura trees planting in Minamisanriku appeared in an article of issue of 6/10 of WWD JAPAN. We had planted total 425 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku since 2012. This was second times planting continuing from last year. We planted 10 Sakura trees in Tokura junior high school and many Sakura trees from Dormeuil and JCB in Hikoronosato. We also planted Sakura from Junko Ohuchi, LAMER and other LOOM supporters including Onward kashiyama.

Sun motoyama planted Sakura tree in the front of Astrotech, factory maker of LOOM bag which Sun motoyama deal with for customers. 

Akio Sato, Astrotech president, prepared many Japanese Mochi (Rise cake) for everyone and some guests including Sato mayor of Minamisanriku throwed these Mochi to everyone from the stage set in front of Astrotech office. we enjoyed this delicous Mochi.
Although this year activity is only beginning to the goal planting 3,000 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku, we appreciate warm support from everyone. 

Thank you very much for people of Minamisanriku forest association to prepare planting.
I appreciate Sato mayor's kindness and thoughts. 

I also would like to tell people participated in LOOM activity heartfelt thanks,
people from local chorus group "Shiosai", Yuko Miyagawa, Cellist, Erika Yamamoto, pianist, Hanako Oshima, singer, Shukura Holliday, singer, high school students having wonderful experiences that sung at Lincoln hall in New York city, its conductor, Atsushi Yamada, people from "Hand in Hand action", Rui Mayumi, Photographer.

I also would like to express my sincere appreciation to Ai Tominaga participated even though she is very busy. 

Thank you very much for everyone participated from Tokyo in LOOM activity.  
Yukari Kagami, Chairman of LOOM NIPPON

KYODO NEWS YouTube video introducing Astrotech, LOOM bag maker

2013/5/30 Updated

Akio Sato, president of Astrotech, and Yukari Kagami, chairman of LOOM NIPPON, were interviewed by KYODO NEWS. This YouTube video of KYODO NEWS introduced how Astrotech workers make LOOM bag and how LOOM bag are displayed in Sun motoyama store. 

2th Sakura trees planting festival

2013/5/12 Updated


LOOM did 2th Sakura trees planting in Hikoronosato of Minamisanriku-cho. We had planted 170 Sakura trees in this year continuing from last year's 255 Sakura trees planting. Our goal is to plant 3,000 Sakura trees in Minamisanriku and make Minamisanriku one of famous places where people enjoy "Hanami" in TOHOKU area.  We did steadily progress one step by step to accomplish this goal.
An anniversary concert ended in a great success. We would like to widen Sakura planting with recovery of Minamisanriku-cho. 
Hanako Oshima presented wonderful songs, "Let's walk with looking up (SUKIYAKI)", "Look up and see night stars" whose songs are by her father , Kyu Sakamoto.
Shukura Holiday had sung "hey Jude" in concert. 

Sakura trees were blooming in Tokura junior high school

2013/4/26 Updated


Sakura trees planted in Tokura junior high school last year were blooming. We hope that these Sakura will grow bigger.

Yahoo!JAPAN support website for recovery introduced Astrotech, LOOM bag maker

2013/3/11 Updated

Yahoo! JAPAN introduced an interview of Akio Sato, president of Astrotech, LOOM bag maker, in their website. 

2013 new collection of LOOM bag

2013/3/11 Updated


We were very surprised and deeply appreciated to see the picture that Empress, Michiko, had LOOM bag in her hand.  This is a great news noticed from one of our supporters.  We felt proudly to meet this serendipity. This kindness and  deep affection given by Empress will have the future hope to Minamisanriku people bring . We are in full of sincere gratitude.

In a second season collection of LOOM bag,  we added a new line "PARTAGE" this year , and new color series of basic line released last year. 
We donated 18 Sakura trees to Minamisanriku from revenues of LOOM bag last year.
This year is the first year when an effort of making bag in Minamisanriku reborn as Sakura trees.

New line PARTAGE (1st photo of above )
The bag from this line is made to put orange grosgrain tape on black cavas fabric.
The color of orange is a symbol of energy for recovery (a burning sun).
White is snow and star.
The base color, black , is a symbol of Tsunami which must not forget. 
100% Made in Minamisanriku
The bottom and handle are used with cow leather
Tote Big H28 W36 D13 Price ¥20,900 (including 10% tax)
Tote Small H21 W26 D10 Price ¥16,650 (including 10% tax)
Each bags comes with accessory case.バッグそれぞれに小物入れがついています。

New color "VERT" for ALTAIR series (2nd photo of above )
This new type is combined with green color blessing a lot of green good harvest and orange color meaning an energy of recovering.
The material is brilliant pigskins which made special effect ( using an environmental safety pigment). This bag comes with accessory windsock of "Tanabata" 
Big H28 W33 D21 Price ¥68,200 (including 10% tax)
Small H24 W30 D10 Price ¥63,800 (including 10% tax))

Sakura series for MINI POUCH (3rd photo of above )
The theme of this new type is Sakura. 
The material is cow leather. This bag has white clasps resembling shining stars. This was made from the fact that there were many shining stars in the night sky where Minamisanriku suffered Tsunami on 11th March 2011. This bag comes with handing chain in order that ladies can use this bag as an evening bag, and handmade leather for shoulder , windsock resembling "Tanabata". 

* No woven type
Color is Pink or Wine.
H15 W22 D11 Price ¥25,300 (including 10% tax)
* Woven type
Color is only Pink.
H14 W18 D11 Price ¥29,700 (including 10% tax)

New color for VEGA (4th photo of above )
We released new color of pink color series for VEGA.

2th Sakura trees planting

February 2013

We will plant Sakura trees mainly in Hikoronosato of Minamisanriku. 2nd Sakura trees planting festival will hold on 12th May 2013. 
  • 18 Sakura trees will be planted using donation from parts of sales revenue of LOOM bag.
  • LOOM received 220 Sakura trees from JCB and 16 from LOOM supporter.
  • Sakura tree donated from Sun motoyama will be planted in front of Astrotech, LOOM bag maker.
  • 170 Sakura trees have already had leaves. We hope that the buds will open in this year.
  • We can become to create LOOM bag made in Minamisanriku for all the processes even although such bags are still a little. This year is the first year when the sales revenue of LOOM bag will be back to Minamisanriku as Sakura trees. We appreciate everyone's cooperation. LOOM would like to continue Sakura trees planting in Minamisanriku by reaching 3,000 trees in order that everyone don't forget this earthquake sufferings. If the recovery areas in Minamisanriku increase, we can plant more Sakura trees in various places. We appreciate for your kindness and help.

New LOOM supporters

January 2013
Japanese Satsuma Biwa performers Kakushin Tomoyoshi and Photographer Rui Mayumi participated in LOOM activity as supporter.

"Recovery support media team" introduced LOOM activities

December 2012


"Recovery support media team" featured LOOM NIPPON activities on her website.

LOOM devoted Japanese sake "Yomosakura" to Meiji Jingu

August 2012
We devoted Japanese sake "Yomosakura" basket barrel decoration to Meiji Jingu in grand festival when it has been 100 years anniversary since the death of Meiji Emperor. We are blessing the recovery of suffered area.

Japanese sake "Yomosakura"(Now out of stock)

3th Augusgt 2012 Updated


Nihonbashi Takashimaya started to sell Japanese sake "Yomosakura" which is created in order that suffered areas come back to good harvest places as soon as possible. ( Now out of stock in Takashimaya)

Order event for LOOM bag in United Arrows

2012/7/24 Updated


In those day,  multiple stores of U.A. performed an order event safely. ( Now this bag is out of stock )

3th August - 12th August : Ginza store
17th August - 26th August : Roppongi mens store

GOETHE magazine introduced LOOM bag on issue of September 2012

2012/7/24 Updated
LOOM bag was introduced as handmade bag for Minamisanriku future on the page which GOETE selected hit items (P158)  

LOOM held PR exhibition of LOOM BAG with cooperation of Sun motoyama in Sun motoyama Ginza store

2012/6/15 Updated


LOOM bag name is created from "Love of Our Motherland" and born in order to create employment in Minamisanriku-cho. Our bag is being made by women in Minamisanriku where is suffered area from Great East Japan Earthquake now. We have various leather bag and accessory products with motief of shining stars. We hope that you will be interested in LOOM whose name also means wovening machine. To buy LOOM bag and use for daily life will become to connect you with people of Minamisanriku. 

An ordering event for LOOM BAG 
Place: Sun motoyama Ginza store From 18th  to 26th June 2012
11:00am〜7:00pm(By 6:00pm on Sunday)

Sakura trees planted in Minamisanriku have rooted and had its leaves !

2012/6/7 Updated

LOOM held 1st Sakura trees planting festival

2012/3/17 Updated


We had planted Sakura trees with many people in Minamisanriku-cho. Although it was a little rainy day unfortunately, Minamisanriku citizens including Sato mayor, LOOM supporters who is Dormeuil CFO Mr. Robinson, Onward Kashiyama president Mr. Baba, Mr. Yukio Akamine, fashion director, Mrs.Ai Tominaga, famous fashion model, also participated in this event and it ended successfuly. We disclosed photographs of this Sakura trees planting on Facebook. We are happy if you see these .

Dermeuil decided to support KIBOU311 project

2012/2/2 Updated


Dormeuil held a party commemorate the 170 th anniversary of Dormeuil and the 100 anniversary of landing in Japan.
Dominic Dormeuil, president of Dormeuil, announced that they decided to support Minamisanriku-cho where is suffering area and do the following social contribution activity in this party
Dormeuil will donate to the fund of planting Sakura trees in Minamisanriku through KIBOU311 project by LOOM NIPPON in this year when it has been the 100th anniversary since Dormeuil landed in Japan.
Dormeuil attaches KIBOU311 logo to the most high quality Dormeuil fabric "Tropical Amadeus" bunch and donates 1€ per 1 meter of bunch global sales to Sakura trees planting fund in order to do this social contribution action. 




Ai Tominaga, fashion model, held the exhibition ”I.Tominaga”.
This exhibition is based on her action #sakuramovement launched on Twitter.
She started #sakuramovement movement by her thought she would like to deliver Sakura to suffering area of The Great East Japan Earthquake as soon as possible.
She displayed the collage photography work by using many photos arrived from all the nation to her.
LOOM NIPPON also supported her action.